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Birthday Party Catering

Every parent who has thrown a birthday party for their child knows the drill. Buy some greasy pizza, pour some juice, put out the cookies, get the cake, keep the kids out so it stays hidden, light the candles, cut the cake, open presents, watch ice cream get thrown around the living room, remember to breathe, and try not to faint when you see the full extent of the mess after everyone leaves. That’s just the actual party, not even the planning part. Its nerve wracking and you barely get to enjoy your child’s laughter and happy faces throughout the party. If someone else doesn’t snap any pictures, you’re lucky if you remember to do so yourself. The days of the hectic birthday don’t have to belong to you. Corky’s Catering of Chicago is here to help make every birthday party memorable and enjoyable for you and your family!

From One to a Hundred and One

Birthday parties and their guests vary in age according to who the birthday is for. It’s unlikely that you’d hire a clown or a magician for a thirty year old’s birthday or that you’d want a big bowl of champagne punch when the guest of honor is turning six. We at Corky’s Catering understand that every birthday party has different needs and we are here to accommodate every variety. We have buffet options for the younger children or a more intimate plated dinner for an adult’s birthday party, with a number of options for entertainment, liquor and venues as well. Our expert Chicago party planners are here to meet your needs and help you plan the party that fits your budget.

Balloons, Entertainment, and Food, Oh My!

Forget about twisting streamers around the ceiling and hanging a few balloons on chairs. Corky’s wants to make your birthday catering experience less stressful than it has ever been. You can choose from a variety of menus and our party planners are experts on all kinds of themes and venues. For more than 35 years, Corky’s Catering has been putting on expertly executed events throughout Chicago that leave guests talking about the amazing time that they had. Give yourself a break and enjoy the birthday party that you put on for once. We have relationships with vendors for everything that you need.

Let Them Eat Cake!

What’s a birthday party without a cake? Corky’s has relationships with some of the finest bakeries in Chicago so we can find you the perfect cake for your birthday party catering. Whether it’s a theme for a child or something elegant for your grandmother’s 90th celebration of life, we can make it happen.

Put it All Together

When you choose Corky’s for your birthday party catering, you’ll find everything you need with one trusted catering company that has experts ready to help you bring your party dreams to life. You can pick up what you need, have it delivered, or we can do everything from setup to cleanup for you. Take a look at our catering menus and contact us today at (630) 396-3030 and get started planning your next birthday party today!