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A class reunion is a great opportunity to catch up with old friends you may not have seen for years. If you’re in charge of organizing the reunion in the Chicagoland area, then you will want everything to be perfect and the party to go smoothly. Choosing the right catering


Living in Chicago often means making the most of the warm weather when it is here. One way to celebrate the summer season with your family and friends is to host an outdoor party. There are a number of different themes that you can have for your outdoor party and


Happy memories of a backyard wedding and reception in Chicago can only be created through careful planning and good organization. The following tips should ensure that the happy couple and their wedding guests have some memorable moments in the backyard on the big day. 1. Be Practical First you need


Summer in Chicago is an ideal time to throw a cocktail party, when you and your guests can stay cool indoors or enjoy a warm evening outside. It’s a great opportunity to entertain your friends or to socialize with your business associates and get to know their partners. Plan Your

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