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Corporate events and field trips all have one issue that always causes discord: lunch. Should you order in? Have it catered? Tell people to bring their own? If you decide to get it catered then what should you do in regards to style? Buffet? Sit down? What’s too causal or too formal? There are so many questions. You have to worry about dietary preferences and allergies of everyone involved. At these events, people are often a bit jaded by the time lunch rolls around. They want a break. Box lunch catering might be the exact answer that you’re seeking for your next event in Chicago.

Quick and Creative

Box lunch catering means that not one second of lunchtime is wasted. There’s no cooking, preparing, or setup involved. You simply hand out lunches according to what people want. You can be creative about what goes into each boxed lunch. Sandwiches, snacks, and you can even add desert for only 89 cents per lunch. The possibilities are endless. Everyone will love their lunch and there won’t be any hassle with getting it together. Corky’s Catering will take care of everything for you! You can pick up your box lunches or our delivery drivers can drop it off right to your location, wherever you are located in Chicagoland. We deliver from the Indiana border to Fox River Valley and all the to the Wisconsin border.

Lunch for Everyone

Box lunches aren’t just for lunch meetings and corporate events; box lunch catering works for many other kinds of events as well. Get some box lunches for your teen’s sports meets or for a party at the community pool. Add some drinks and a dessert platter to turn a casual affair into a nicer event, and keep the no-hassle ease of box lunch catering. Our event planners at Corky’s Catering have over 35 years of experience executing expert events and they can help you with whatever you need. You can choose from one of our pre-arranged box lunches or create your own with our catering experts.

Be Unique

Every lunch meeting has a spread for the employees to enjoy at the end of the meeting. With box lunch catering, everyone gets a choice and you will be more unique than any other lunch meeting around. This will help your colleagues remember you and your presentation because they will leave the meeting happy and impressed. Instead of the usual deli platter and box of pastries, choose box lunch catering for your next lunch meeting. Corky’s has relationships with some of the best bakeries in Chicago. Our catering experts can help you choose the best option for your meeting and even help you decide on any extras such as desserts, pastries, or cake, should the occasion call for it.

Take Action

Box lunch catering is all about convenience and affordability and that is what Corky’s is here to bring you. Our catering experts are standing by to get right back to you. Take a look at our downloadable menus online or fill out one of our contact forms today and try our box lunch catering for your next event!