Charity Event Catering

Charity events are a major tool for raising funds and awareness for charitable institutions. It is one night out of the year where you get the opportunity to capture people’s attention for the cause you work for and help build support. Chicago is a charitable city, with many options for supporting several worthwhile causes. Your charity event needs to stand out and make a solid impression that stays with people for months down the road. Corky’s Catering can help make your charity something truly special with world-class food and service.

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Choosing the best catering service plays a significant role in a successful fundraiser for a charity event. The food served makes the event memorable by building support and collective action towards the goal.

Your charity and fundraising events need to stand out and impact everyone’s life and memory. Corky’s Catering can transform your fundraising event with good food and top-notch catering services.

A charity event is similar to a party where you want your guests to enjoy themselves and have a good time apart from raising funds to meet your goals. Many factors play a role in making a successful fundraiser. 

 Consider Corky’s Catering to help you do the heavy lifting.

A Night to Shine

Nothing should detract from the cause you are there to promote and celebrate. Corky’s helps ensure every detail is perfectly in place, allowing guests to enjoy a truly stellar event. Sit back and relax

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knowing the meal is in the best of hands by working with our event coordinators to plan your charity event.

Your guests expect a flawless execution, and Corky’s Catering is here to help you exceed their expectations. Our event planners are here to help you craft the event of the season and make the process easy and painless, so you can focus on all the other details that go into ensuring your big night goes smoothly. You only get one opportunity to make a big impression, so let us help you make sure you make the best impression every time.

An Array of Options

It is important to customize the menu for your event to put a smile on the face of every guest. Our event staff will go out of our way to ensure we can accommodate you in every way, including finding the perfect cake from one of Chicago’s famous bakeries.

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We have options to fit right in with more casual events, budget-friendly choices, and premier options to satisfy the most formal appetites.

Our event coordinators can not only help you plan the perfect menu, but can assist you in finding the right venue, photographer, decorations, and music. Let Corky’s provide the wait staff and bartenders to take another item off your shoulders while providing spectacular service. Our setup will provide a stunning backdrop to your event, and you may even choose from Corky’s fine china and linens for formal dining at its best.

Dependable Service You Can Trust

Corky’s Catering has been serving Chicago for over 40 years, providing memorable experiences for social functions, corporate events, weddings, and charity events. Our event coordinators will walk you through

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every step of planning to help your event be the talk of the town. We’d love to have you download one of our menus right now to get an idea of what Corky’s can offer your charity event and discover the flexibility and dependability you can rely on. Once you’re ready to start planning with us, call (630) 396-3030 to speak with one of our event coordinators. Make your upcoming charity event in Chicago one that draws support for your cause for years to come with Corky’s.

The Best Catering Service for your Charity Events

When your charity events need to have food, choosing a catering service that will push your fundraising goals is a crucial part of your planning. Your guests will determine the event’s success based on how they found the service and food. Such memories will influence their decision to attend your next charity event.

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Nothing should deter you from achieving your vision for the event. Corky’s can offer your guests stellar services by ensuring every party detail is done to the best of your expectation. Therefore you do not need to worry about the meals as our event coordinators will bring your ideas to life and give you the perfect menu to impress all the attendees.


At Corky’s, we are keen on the budget limitations of the event plus the goal our client aims to achieve. We help plan to ensure everything remains organized. With a well-understood budget, we can stick to the style and theme of the event in the menus we offer.

Most clients assume that a sit-down dinner is more expensive than a buffet. However, the money spent on our services depends on the type of meal served and how we give the service. Among the great tips for hosting charity events is that if you do not plan to offer a full meal, scheduling the party during the non-standard time for meals may work best for you.


The menu depends on the event type and the specific client needs. There are catering services that are very rigid in terms of their menu options and choices. However, at Corky’s Catering, we are keen on your needs.

We customize our plan menus based on the style of the nonprofit event. We also give our clients sample menus to help them decide on the ideal one for the event. We are keen to check on meals that suit attendees with allergies and the foods and drinks that fit the occasion.

Presentation and food portions

At Corky’s Catering, we give value for food and portion sizes. We also ensure the presentation is appealing and fits the high standard accorded nonprofit events. No guest wants to eat from a plate that looks sloppy with a small serving.

We deliver quality with well-set tables. Our services offer high-quality dishes, silverware, and napkins. We pride ourselves on the best salad dressings and butter dishes with salt and pepper. Corky’s ensures you get the best by offering their fine linens and china to give you the most satisfactory dining experience. We make sure everything meets and exceeds your expectations. quality


If you are new to using nonprofit event catering services, we can help you sample our menus to give you a taste of what you should expect. We can also give you a couple of catering menu ideas if you are still undecided about what you want to offer your guests.


A catering company needs to follow the theme of an event. At Corky’s Catering, we sync the subject matter to the vision of the fundraising event. We understand the effect it has on the attendees. We also know how it lifts their spirits to give their best as they participate. We offer a variety of themed menus to go in line with your vision.

Wait staff

Corky’s Catering prides itself in offering good food and service at events. We understand that staying behind schedule when offering service can jeopardize the event’s vision. We are keen to put a favorable ratio between the guests and servers. If it is a sit-down dinner, we prefer to have one server for a table of eight to 10 attendees.

We also ensure we balance the number of bartenders and waiters for effective service throughout the party. Our waitstaff also has attires suitable to the event.

Party planners

We have event planners and coordinators who help relieve your burden to organize everything. We can help plan the ideal menu, the best venue, decorations, music, and photography.

All you may need to do is air your expectations for the event and what you need us to supply. Corky’s can take care of everything. We can also do a menu board that describes the meals and ingredients of the day.

Catering to Guest’s needs

Corky’s catering guarantees the best service for your dietary needs, beverage options, and budget among your catering options. You can be sure that the team will exceed the expectations of your guests for the event.

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Our event planning team will work with you to formulate the event of your dreams with less strain or pain. Doing so helps you focus on other aspects of the event to ensure you have a successful fundraiser. Since charity events often happen annually, we will use that opportunity to make a lasting impression that will keep your guests coming back at every invitation.

Service you can rely on

Corky’s Catering has offered 40 years of quality catering service to Chicago. We have coordinated wedding catering, charity, and corporate events successfully. We have the necessary permits and licenses to ensure the health of your guests is in safe hands. We also compensate our staff if a problem arises in their line of duty.

We are dependable and offer immense flexibility where you can check what we offer by downloading our menus to help you decide what meals are suitable for your event. 

You can call us at (630) 523-8153 to talk to our event coordinators. We can help you make your upcoming charity event a success.

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Douglas, Addison

... other than Thanksgiving dinners cooked by my mother and my wife, the food was the best.

– Douglas, Addison

Kim, Evergreen Park

We compared other companies and you offered the most for the best price. I love that the salads and tableware are included in the packages.

– Kim, Evergreen Park

Robby & Edith, Chicago

Best food in town!

– Robby & Edith, Chicago

Joy, Arlington Heights

(Our server), on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 12.

– Joy, Arlington Heights

Fred, Chicago

We find that catering is the only way to survive a party. I must say by far your food is the best...

– Fred, Chicago

Marcie, Hillside

I was thrilled with the food. The compliments are pouring in and I enjoyed myself!

– Marcie, Hillside

Nadine, Addison

Believe me when I say (our server), is a jewel!

– Nadine, Addison

Mary, Bensenville

Your staff did an excellent job with the food, bingo and children’s games!

– Mary, Bensenville

Bob, Chicago

It was an easy party, I had time to enjoy myself.

– Bob, Chicago

Maureen, Waukegan

Improve? ... you already do it all. Oh, maybe you can come clean our house before the party! Just kidding!

– Maureen, Waukegan

Lois, Oaklawn

You made it so easy! Your customer service is great and the food is yummy!

– Lois, Oaklawn

Peter, Chicago

The good food made the evening a success – thank you.

– Peter, Chicago

Jill, Wheeling

Why cook? Corky’s did it all!

– Jill, Wheeling

Connie, Addison

I heard nothing but raves and compliments on the food and our servers.

– Connie, Addison


The Driver Was On Time, Friendly And Helpful. It Was Great That He Explained All The Food, So We Wouldn’t Have Any Problems. Everything Was Hot And Delicious. We Had Enough To Serve The Additional Team Members That Attended. Corky’s Helped Make Our Team Meeting A Huge Success.

– Susan