Corporate Catering

Corporate catering is an important part of the business world, and it can be a great way to show appreciation to employees of any organization. Corky’s has a solid reputation as one of the leading catering services in the Chicago area, and we are proud to offer a wide range of corporate catering services, from boxed lunches for business meetings to full spreads for themed corporate events. Since 1978, we’ve supplied delicious food, top-quality catering amenities, and expert customer service to thousands of happy clients.

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Corporate leaders need variety when it comes to their corporate catering options. With Corky’s Catering at your side, we have you covered no matter what type of catering services you expect. Some of the corporate catering services we offer include:

  • Corporate Box Lunch Catering. Make required training sessions, team meetings, and special projects more comfortable with professionally prepared and packed boxed lunches.
  • Corporate Board Meeting Catering. When your company’s leadership gathers to discuss strategy and business goals, Corky’s Catering can provide restaurant quality meals right in your boardroom so you and your team can focus.
  • Corporate Breakfast Catering. Help your employees start their days right with our breakfast catering options suitable for a variety of dietary needs.
  • Corporate Charity Event Catering. When you give back to your community through charitable events, you can make guests more comfortable and offer an amazing experience when you leave the catering to Corky’s.
  • Corporate Holiday Catering. Planning a holiday celebration for your workforce? Our holiday catering options include a wide range of themed dishes and amenities for a stress-free holiday celebration at work.
  • Corporate Event Catering. Whether you’re planning a tradeshow appearance, networking event, or simply celebrating the anniversary of the opening of your company, Corky’s Catering can make your event both fun and easy.

Since our founding in 1978, Corky’s Catering has specialized in corporate catering services and continues a tradition of high-quality food and professionalism with every order. From breakfasts and boxed lunches to plated catering services and full buffets, we can handle any kind of corporate catering need.

People trust Corky’s Catering because they know we offer much more than just the best catered foods in the Chicago area. Whether you need boxed lunches for your corporate office in Grant Park or full-service catering for a Gala Event at the Chicago Cultural Center, our team has the equipment and experience to guarantee satisfaction with our catering services. In addition to our spectacular menu offerings, we also provide essential rental equipment and even entertainment.

Some of the extras we provide with our corporate catering services include:

  • DJs to play music during your corporate events.
  • Live bands for themed events, anniversary celebrations, and more.
  • Carnival games for family-themed events with your employees and their kids.
  • Dance floors for charity events and holiday celebrations.
  • Fine china for luxurious plated catering services.

Corky’s Catering customers know that they can call us for a boxed lunch for ten, a business dinner for twenty, or a catered gala event for 1,000 attendees. We accommodate any and all corporate catering needs for our clients and work with you to determine the best approach before your event.

Take a moment to review the list below of the different types of corporate events we handle. With over 40 years of experience in corporate catering, we are certain we can meet your needs with professionalism and unmatched industry knowledge for your next catered corporate event. Look at our downloadable menus and call us at (630) 396-3030 or complete our contact form to book your next corporate catering order.

Employees make up the foundation of a business and ensure effective daily operations, freeing you to focus on growing the company (and profits) with big picture concepts. 

As management, you can show your appreciation for your employees using adequate health care and work policies. However, everyone deserves a little treat.

You can provide employees with an additional “thank you” by hosting fun and productive corporate holiday events

If you have a more focused corporate event coming up filled with business meetings, you should also provide corporate catering to keep people energized from breakfast throughout lunch.  

All successful corporate events have one thing in common: great food thanks to high-quality and professional corporate catering in Addison through Corky’s Catering. 

The majority of professionals don’t feel sufficiently recognized for their hard work. 

You can express your appreciation and increase employee morale by providing delicious corporate catering at an event designed to celebrate your team. 

Delicious food can ensure that your staff returns to work in a good mood.

At Corky’s Catering in Addison, IL, we offer professional catering services that accommodate a wide range of budgets and event schedules.

We also provide a high level of service, including wait staff and serving equipment to cover the logistics of the catering so that people can enjoy their food without any surprise miscommunications.

You can spend your time with your employees at the office party while we take care of the details.

Some of the specific services we offer include:

  • Corporate box lunch catering
  • Corporate board meeting catering
  • Corporate breakfast catering
  • Corporate charity event catering
  • Corporate holiday catering

Want to impress? We are a catering company that offers gourmet cuisine, such as peppercorn-sundried tomato braised flank steak. 

Are you interested in something more casual? We also offer crowd-pleasing favorites, such as fried chicken and hot dogs

Don’t forget to provide drinks – nonalcoholic drinks and alcoholic drinks available! We also offer bar service and cork catering.

Download our different menus for all the food options!

We also offer disposable tableware automatically, including knives, forks, plates, napkins, and matches for heat warmers. 

Is your corporate event starting to cause you anxiety? Consider us your full-service catering company that can also act as event coordinators.

We have the experience to anticipate the questions and situations you may not have considered. We also have the resources to provide anything you need for your special event.

We not only provide catering services, but we can also help you find a venue for your catered event.

We even offer event rentals, including:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Tents
  • Power generators
  • Portable toilets
  • Lighting
  • Dunk tanks 
  • Many more!

We can assist with servers, photographers, and DJs for the day of your event.  

To get started, provide us with as much information as possible. The earlier you start planning, the less stress you will put on yourself. The main things we will want to know to get started include the number of guests, your venue, and, of course, the budget.

A successful organization must consider all costs, including catering costs. 

You want to spend as much as you can while also getting a great deal so that you don’t end up needing to raise your prices to make up for the meal.

We understand that you have a budget, and we do everything we can to help you remain within your budget while still offering the things you want to provide to your attendees. We can even help you make decisions that will keep you within your budget when you notice the costs adding up. 

With that being said, it’s completely appropriate and even potentially beneficial to splurge every now and then. 

Buffet-Style Corporate Food Service

You may want to host an event that encourages attendees to mingle. You may also have a very busy event that has people moving from one speaker to another throughout the day. 

For these events, you probably want to select a buffet-style meal for your guests. 

Buffets allow for additional flexibility, which makes a great option for people in a hurry.

We will display cold items on trays and place hot items in food warmers during the hours you request them to be available. 

You will have more time to spend talking about business instead of a long, sit-down meal. People can grab a small plate while networking or rushing to the next meeting. 

Buffets also accommodate a wider range of people, especially if you don’t know exactly who will be attending.

Plated Corporate Catering

If you want to create a more elegant experience similar to wedding catering, you can also opt for a plated meal for each of your guests in a sit-down style meal that will have everyone taking pictures of every course as a server places it in front of them. 

Before you place your catering order, get a firm understanding of how many people will be attending the event. You should also ensure that you write on the RSVP that employees should make you aware of any dietary preferences. 

After you place your order and give us the details of the venue, we will take it from there!

Are You Ready to Eat? Contact Corky’s Catering for Corporate Catering Services

Contact Corky’s Catering for Chicago catering, and we will get back to you by the next business day. 

Corky’s catering company can answer all your questions and help you finalize all of the details with our professional and experienced team.  

We take pride in your event, enjoying the food and the food coming out as expected, so you know that when you cater with us, you trust the professionals who have been catering for over 40 years. 

Trust us to provide quality catering services for your corporate events and any wedding catering needs.


Corporate Award Ceremony Catering

Corporate Award Ceremony Catering

Why do companies hold award ceremonies? When is the best time to have one? Better yet, how do you organize an award ceremony and who will cater? It’s an increasingly popular event that is now more common than not, and right here in Chicago is no exception.

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Selecting the person who will be recognized at the award ceremony is sometimes easier than planning the event itself. Chicagoland has several different venues and award ceremony catering options, but finding the right combination for the right person is sometimes a challenge. At Corky’s, our event planners will work with you in making sure your next award ceremony is unique and as special as the person being presented.

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Board Meeting Catering

Corporate Board Meeting Catering

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Here at Corky’s, we like to think that we’ll help make it the easiest, most pleasant, beautifully run board meeting they’ll ever attend. If you’re seeking prompt service and utmost attentiveness when serving food, removing plates, bringing other items into the room, renewing coffee and more, than you’ve found your ideal creative corporate catering option. Leaving your board meeting attendees impressed and near speechless is your wish and we are here to show you the way.

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Chicago Box Lunch Catering

Corporate Box Lunch Catering

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we are known for our professionalism while delivering the best-boxed lunches around. Our boxed lunch options are easy to order, taste excellent, are filling, creatively packaged and will leave you coming back for more.

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Corporate Breakfast Catering

Corporate Breakfast Catering

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but it’s another to keep your attendees awake and happy first thing in the morning. At Corky’s Catering we seek to eliminate the hassles of planning a corporate breakfast events by making sure your guests show up on time, eat a well-balanced meal and are completely ready for the day’s events. In Chicago and beyond, we have served many corporate events, large and small and we are waiting for your call to plan your next corporate breakfast event!

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Corporate Business Dinner Catering

Corporate Business Dinner Catering

Corporate business dinners can be held for a range of reasons, from celebrating accomplishments to simply catching up with employees and clients. Corky’s Catering offers endless catering possibilities and ideal pricing options to meet your business budget.

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More importantly, we can provide ease of mind and the opportunity to sit back and enjoy your event as much as your guests. Our Chicago event planning team is on hand to work with you to plan every last detail of your event. Our goal is to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.

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Charity Event Catering

Corporate Charity Event Catering

Corky’s Catering is no stranger to special events. We have catered numerous non-profit and private organization fundraising events throughout Chicago. We understand the demand for a charitable catering experience that provides efficient,

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affordable and superior catering options. We want to help you with supporting your organizational cause. Our charity event catering packages are priced right for all types and sizes of charitable events. We are here to help so give us a call today!

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Corporate Conference Catering

Corporate Conference Catering

Where can you find the best conference corporate caterers in Chicago? The answer is simple. You’ve arrived. At Corky’s, our conference catering will exceed your expectations in every facet that goes into planning a large scale conference event.

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These multi-day events attract attendees who are interested in a certain type of information you have to offer and it’s your job to put your best foot forward in all areas. Whether you’re hosting your next corporate conference at a Chicago area hotel, or have rented an off-site venue with separate hotel accommodations, we work with you to ensure your catering needs and other conference planning requirements are met.

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Corporate Holiday Catering

Corporate Holiday Catering

The holiday season presents the ideal opportunity to plan a great company party where you invite clients, prospects, and employees. In Chicago, it’s no surprise that expectations are high when it comes to planning a holiday party,

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as there is a business around every corner competing for the same dollar you are. The catering venues are endless with hundreds of new restaurants and entertainment locations scattered throughout Chicagoland. It’s difficult to narrow down your best catering options in Chicago as this city offers just about everything a company could want when planning a holiday event. Here at Corky’s, it’s our job to help you plan your next event around the holidays with ideal catering venue locations that are beyond impressionable and catering ideas that are worth dreaming about.

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Corporate Lunch Catering

Corporate Lunch Catering

A catered corporate lunch is perfected with one easy step, by contacting an event coordinator at Corky’s Catering. Having an office lunch catered by one of the best Chicagoland caterers around is not only a fantastic idea,

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but will leave you wondering why your company hadn’t considered Corky’s before. If it’s a corporate office lunch for 50, we’ve got you covered. In search of a super friendly and efficient staff? We are definitely above and beyond that. Are you in charge of planning your next corporate luncheon? Get a few pats on the back after ordering one of our many catered lunch options. We have something for everyone, even those lunch events requiring something a bit out of the ordinary. You won’t go wrong with our corporate lunch catering options.

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Networking Event Catering

Corporate Networking Event Catering

In the corporate world, networking events happen on a regular basis. Whether new companies are hosting events to get their name out or a local Chamber of Commerce is hosting a “business after hours” get-together for local employees to mingle and meet,

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networking events are an essential part of the corporate game. It’s no secret that many people plan these events for the food and it’s an area of planning networking events that must not be overlooked. Hiring Corky’s will alleviate the stressful task of impressing your guests with desirable food so you can also dedicate your time for what is important; new contacts, potential new clients, partners, and vendors.

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Corporate Picnic Caterng

Corporate Picnic Catering

Company picnics or Corporate Picnics are a great way to boost morale and say thanks to your employees. They can also be a large undertaking if you don’t have the right help to plan your event.

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At Corky’s we can help with all the details from finding the right venue or park, selecting entertainment, rentals from tents to chairs and of course menu planning.

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Corporate Trade Show Catering

Corporate Trade Show Catering

Each and every year, thousands of associations sponsor trade shows and Chicago is a hub for many of them. It’s one thing to successfully plan a trade show in whatever industry it may be, while it’s another to effectively cater for thousands of attendees.

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At Corky’s, we know trade shows and we know catering. Be sure to consider us for your next trade show event in the Chicagoland area.

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Douglas, Addison

... other than Thanksgiving dinners cooked by my mother and my wife, the food was the best.

– Douglas, Addison

Kim, Evergreen Park

We compared other companies and you offered the most for the best price. I love that the salads and tableware are included in the packages.

– Kim, Evergreen Park

Robby & Edith, Chicago

Best food in town!

– Robby & Edith, Chicago

Joy, Arlington Heights

(Our server), on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 12.

– Joy, Arlington Heights

Fred, Chicago

We find that catering is the only way to survive a party. I must say by far your food is the best...

– Fred, Chicago

Marcie, Hillside

I was thrilled with the food. The compliments are pouring in and I enjoyed myself!

– Marcie, Hillside

Nadine, Addison

Believe me when I say (our server), is a jewel!

– Nadine, Addison

Mary, Bensenville

Your staff did an excellent job with the food, bingo and children’s games!

– Mary, Bensenville

Bob, Chicago

It was an easy party, I had time to enjoy myself.

– Bob, Chicago

Maureen, Waukegan

Improve? ... you already do it all. Oh, maybe you can come clean our house before the party! Just kidding!

– Maureen, Waukegan

Lois, Oaklawn

You made it so easy! Your customer service is great and the food is yummy!

– Lois, Oaklawn

Peter, Chicago

The good food made the evening a success – thank you.

– Peter, Chicago

Jill, Wheeling

Why cook? Corky’s did it all!

– Jill, Wheeling

Connie, Addison

I heard nothing but raves and compliments on the food and our servers.

– Connie, Addison


The Driver Was On Time, Friendly And Helpful. It Was Great That He Explained All The Food, So We Wouldn’t Have Any Problems. Everything Was Hot And Delicious. We Had Enough To Serve The Additional Team Members That Attended. Corky’s Helped Make Our Team Meeting A Huge Success.

– Susan