Corporate Conference Catering

Your conference is an important opportunity to provide training and resources for everyone in attendance. The conference’s topic and communicating with attendees should be your primary focus. Providing a seamless experience adds authority and credibility to your conference as well. Corky’s Catering will handle the dining experience, so your attendees can focus on conversations and absorbing the information you provide. We will take care of the food, so you can provide a quality learning experience.
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Catering involves the preparation and provision of food to people at different events. It is ideal for occasions with many people, such as weddings, social gatherings, concessions, and corporate events. Catered events can occur in any location, depending on your plans and arrangements.

You can get the best catering services for your event in Chicago at Corky’s Catering. We offer high-quality and affordable catering services that will please and satisfy your guests. Since our establishment in 1978, we have been the go-to catering service for weddings, home parties, picnics, and corporate events in Chicago.

Detailed Professionalism

One hallmark of a professional is his or her ability to recognize how to capitalize on their strengths by employing other professionals to aid in areas outside their expertise. During your conference, you have IT professionals working to maintain the computing equipment,

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professional speakers providing the benefit of their knowledge, and business professionals learning how to perform better. Corky’s is your events professional ensuring the food and hospitality do not distract from the conference. We make everything easy on you, so you can focus on keeping the conference running smoothly. The impression you make at this conference will either add to or take away from your reputation as a company. Why not let Corky’s help you have one of the best corporate conferences in Chicago?

What Is Corporate Catering?

Corporate catering involves providing meals and drinks to people during a corporate event such as a board meeting or luncheon. As an employer, you should consider hosting a corporate event for your employees every once in a while. It could be a small gathering at the office or anywhere onsite or a big gala in a ballroom or an external venue.

Providing free meals such as lunches for your employees can benefit your company in many ways. Corporate event catering provides your employees with the opportunity to interact and socialize. It boosts their morale and improves their productivity at the office. It also improves the office culture and acts as an incentive to attract and maintain employees.

You need to hire a professional office catering service to handle your corporate event and ensure everything goes as planned. Over the years, Corky’s Catering has earned a solid reputation as one of the top corporate caterers in Addison and the rest of the Chicago area. We have specialized in various corporate catering services that will meet your needs with utmost professionalism.


Customized for Your Needs

Choose from one of our themed menus or customize a buffet for your event. Choose from any one of five breakfast menus for getting the day started off right. We have premium sandwich box lunches or trays, six buffet options to customize,

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numerous healthy menu options to select, and budget-friendly options that pack all the flavor Corky’s is famous for in Chicago. Corky’s Catering excels in delivering customized experiences that perfectly match the event and the attendees. With endless catering options, from appetizers to desserts, Corky’s can help you execute the perfect event with options designed to match your budget.

Corky’s offers options for service, as well. Choose from pick-up or delivery options or let Corky’s do all the work with setup to ensure the easiest and most professional experience. Take your event to the next level with wait staff and bartenders providing peerless service. For a more elegant appearance, Corky’s will provide beautiful linens and china for your event. Conference attendees walk away impressed by the excellence of the service, while you will be free of the stress and anxiety of ensuring a perfect event. Let us help you customize the options that best fit your event and budget in a way that leaves everyone delighted.

What Are the Types of Corporate Catering Services?

Corky’s is a catering company that understands the importance of quality corporate event catering services for your company. We offer a wide range of catering options for your corporate office anywhere in Chicago. Our catering services include;

  • Boxed lunches.
  • Breakfast meetings.
  • Corporate lunch catering.
  • Catering for business dinners
  • Catering for board meetings.
  • Catering for holiday parties.
  • Corporate picnic catering.
  • Corporate conference catering.

We also offer catering services for your private event and corporate events such as award ceremonies, trade shows, network events, and charity events. We offer our clients delicious award-winning food, world-class catering amenities, and brilliant customer service. We will work with you to find what’s best for your corporate event and sort out your catering needs.

Experience You Can Trust

For over 40 years, Corky’s Catering has helped execute events flawlessly in Chicago. From corporate conferences and board meetings to company picnics and trade shows, our events make your business shine.

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What Is Corporate Conference Catering?

Corporate catering for business conferences can create a memorable experience for your attendees. Conferences aim towards providing a platform for people to learn, network, and achieve set business goals. A well-prepared meal provides comfort and satisfaction to your guests. Conference catering will provide your attendees with a rewarding experience and improve the success of your event.

Hiring the corporate caterers at Corky’s will earn you amazing food and exceptional service for your conference. We will take care of the food and dining experience, allowing you and your attendees to focus on other matters. We will help you execute an event that will make your company shine and grow.

Our catering company has served the residents of Chicago and its environs with great food and top-quality services for more than four decades. Our event coordinators have years of experience and will work closely with you to make every aspect of your corporate event memorable. We will handle all your catering needs and ensure that your conference runs smoothly without any interruptions. We understand the magnitude of the conference to the reputation of your company and the importance of its success.

We can provide catering services that are in line with the theme of your occasion. We offer multiple catering options, from appetizers to desserts that you can customize to match the needs of your event. Our themed menus and customizable catering options are designed to provide great food at a price within your budget.

Corky’s will provide exceptional service that will leave your attendees satisfied, impressed, and looking forward to the next meeting. You should download our unique menu, check out what we offer and start planning what you will have for your conference.

Let our event coordinators work with you to make every aspect of planning memorable for years to come. Corky’s is committed to going the extra mile to ensure our food and service exceed the highest standards. Download our menus to get an idea of where to start. When you’re ready to start planning, call us at (630) 396-3030 and let us get started working out the details to make your next corporate conference in Chicagoland the new standard of excellence.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring Professional Corporate Caterers?

The attendees of any corporate event you host will always look forward to the meals and unique menu you offer them. You need top-quality corporate catering services to cater to your specific needs and ensure that your event is a success.

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The benefits of hiring a catering service such as Corky’s include;

  1. The caterer handles multiple tasks such as planning the menu, preparing the venue, presenting food, and cleaning up.

  2. Our quality service will provide productive results, make a good impression, and build a reputation.

  3. Our caterer enables you to invest your precious time in other aspects of your event, saving your time and money.

  4. You can get a wide variety of meal options and cuisines for your conference or corporate event.

  5. The catering team is highly trained to handle the entire catering process in the best possible manner.

Corky’s Catering strives towards catering to the expectations of your audience and contributing positively to the reputation of your business.

Corporate Event Catering Service Near Me

Your employees make up the core of your company, conducting daily operations and ensuring that everything works as expected. Showing them appreciation by hosting an event goes a long way in boosting their morale and improving their productivity. A catering service will allow you to express your gratitude by providing a great meal to your team.

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Corky’s offers professional corporate event catering services to residents of Addison and other areas in Chicago. We are a family-run catering company that commits to being the best in Chicago. Our mission is to stand out among other catering services and gain recognition as the best in the industry. We take pride in delighting our clients through our exceptional quality, excellent pricing, and outstanding customer service.

Our corporate catering services can suit any event schedule and fit within any budget. We will handle all the necessary details and allow you to spend some quality time with your employees without any worries. Call us now on (630)339-3604 or click here to fill out our contact form and get a custom quote.

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Corky’s makes parties memorable! Take a look at our amazing selection of menus to choose from. No matter if you’re planning a company picnic or a simple lunch, we have menus for any occasion.

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Douglas, Addison

... other than Thanksgiving dinners cooked by my mother and my wife, the food was the best.

– Douglas, Addison

Kim, Evergreen Park

We compared other companies and you offered the most for the best price. I love that the salads and tableware are included in the packages.

– Kim, Evergreen Park

Robby & Edith, Chicago

Best food in town!

– Robby & Edith, Chicago

Joy, Arlington Heights

(Our server), on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 12.

– Joy, Arlington Heights

Fred, Chicago

We find that catering is the only way to survive a party. I must say by far your food is the best...

– Fred, Chicago

Marcie, Hillside

I was thrilled with the food. The compliments are pouring in and I enjoyed myself!

– Marcie, Hillside

Nadine, Addison

Believe me when I say (our server), is a jewel!

– Nadine, Addison

Mary, Bensenville

Your staff did an excellent job with the food, bingo and children’s games!

– Mary, Bensenville

Bob, Chicago

It was an easy party, I had time to enjoy myself.

– Bob, Chicago

Maureen, Waukegan

Improve? ... you already do it all. Oh, maybe you can come clean our house before the party! Just kidding!

– Maureen, Waukegan

Lois, Oaklawn

You made it so easy! Your customer service is great and the food is yummy!

– Lois, Oaklawn

Peter, Chicago

The good food made the evening a success – thank you.

– Peter, Chicago

Jill, Wheeling

Why cook? Corky’s did it all!

– Jill, Wheeling

Connie, Addison

I heard nothing but raves and compliments on the food and our servers.

– Connie, Addison


The Driver Was On Time, Friendly And Helpful. It Was Great That He Explained All The Food, So We Wouldn’t Have Any Problems. Everything Was Hot And Delicious. We Had Enough To Serve The Additional Team Members That Attended. Corky’s Helped Make Our Team Meeting A Huge Success.

– Susan