Help Feed Medical Staff Fighting COVID-19 in Chicago.

Feed the front line Chicago began as a way to give back to the medical community and show support for healthcare workers during the outset of the COVID-19 viral outbreak. Many organizations across the country have popped up and involved multiple options, states and hospital groups. Everyone wanted to get involved and with more involvement came more complexities to making this happen. When we looked at the issue we tried to find the most simple and quickest way to make this all work.

Want to Help Stop COVID-19?

Donate a meal to those treating the infected. If we keep them fueled we keep them fighting.

Here's how You Can Help

Today we are asking our community to help all of us by donating money for meals. So our goal is, for every $10-12 donated, we provide a meal and delivery, everything included. We have partnered with NorthShore Health Systems, which supports Glenview (100% Covid-19 cases), Skokie, Evanston and Highland Park Hospitals. Each time we hit the $300 donation mark we will be providing free meals the hospital staff. So please help us by donating to Feed The Front Line Chicago!

Feed the Front Line Chicago

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  • All meals include an entree, side, and dessert to keep medical personnel fueled for the fight.
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42 Year Old Chicago Native Business

We are the owners of Corky’s Catering, a woman owned family run catering company 42 years old. In the middle of March we started to see massive amounts of canceled orders and events. A week later almost all of our business was canceled through May.  Our company specializes in serving food for 20+ people and knew the business needed to pivot quickly to keep our business surviving and our employees working.  As one of the highest volume caterers in the Chicago land area we have solid resources and the capacity to serve up to 25,000 meals a day during our peak season, operating from our 10,000 sq. ft. kitchen space..

Total Impact

Out of a need for income, having to furlough our entire staff and a desire to help those on the front lines, we are offering the community the ability to buy a meal for a medical practitioner. Why do we need to feed them? Because this is getting worse every day, we are simply not prepared. Emergency messages rang on every phone in Illinois yesterday asking for more medical help on the front line because there is just not enough doctors and nurses to help. So no matter how much you have to give, every little bit helps! 

Thanks to your support here’s the impact you’re donations have had on our community.

Medical Staff Fed

This is how many medical personnel you’ve helped feed. Being so busy they often don’t have time to leave and get food so your donations help them see and serve more patients, resulting in more potential recoveries. (updated weekly)


$1,260.00 Donated

Jobs Saved

Your ordering helps us create and save jobs, which allows us to pay families and enable them to cover their rent, auto payments and more.


10 Jobs Saved

Feed the Fight Today

Buy a meal for medical personnel fighting COVID-19 on the front lights and help keep our 42 year old business open.

When you order a meal for a doctor, nurse or other medical staff you not only fuel them with the energy they need to work long hours, you help us keep our lights on, pay our employees, and save a local business. This has a ripple effect allowing us to help families in the community pay their bills and stay safely employeed.


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