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Halloween Catering

Without a doubt, Halloween is the one day of the year that brings out the child in everyone. The streets will be filled with children of all ages, all dressed and disguised as their alter egos, some creepy or creatures. At Corky's we understand how important a night like Halloween is for kids.


That's why we make sure they can have lots of fun, because we keep their parents and adult friends in a trance with the best Halloween catering for parties after dark. With the wild eyed youth busy prowling for their share of trick-or-treating candy treasures and playing the parts of ghoulish fantasy, all adults and parents have their own late night plans.


Of course, every Halloween party starts with our amazing selection of top catered foods, meals and dessert choices. Both private homes and corporate offices hold annual Halloween events in Chicago, but Halloween isn't just about make believe and costumes. So Corky's offers more than merely high quality delicious and well catered food for your events. Our additional services include a fully stocked assembly of sodas, juices, wines, beers and non-alcoholic beverage choices. We can provide everything up to and including full bar services, complete with bartenders.


Corky's can provide party planning help with themes, decorations and all the Halloween party essentials. Events can be outfitted with scary fun elements like fog machines, strobe lights, hand carved pumpkins, a haunted mood, lighting schemes, fashionable monster games and we even bring the cobwebs.


Corky's can also provide, find and hire professional magicians, other ghoulish event staff in costume and even custom pumpkin carving stations. We love over the top themes, like haunted houses, graveyard scenes or a murder mystery party theme. The only limits are within the imaginations of those throwing the Halloween party.


No party gets locked into certain foods that that are the only choice. Pick from our fantastic everyday menu or ask for anything that can be customized. For example fried chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers and all the fixings. What about a little fine dining, such as a full Italian cuisine, including fresh Italian sausage or four different styles of home style lasagne. An October theme which serves the best of German foods, including bratwurst, sauerkraut, roasted chicken, potato salad, and corn-cobbettes, perhaps?


Don’t forget about desserts. It wouldn't be Halloween without some pumpkin pie, cookies, brownies and lots of candy. Party guests won't be able to stop smiling and admiring your excellent Halloween catering and will remember it, as the hit event of the season.


Everything necessary for cleaning after the zombie apocalypse is provided by us. All Halloween parties include complete clean up services too. That means we prepare all the food, serve it to the guests, do all the dishes, pack up everything and straighten up. All of our customers and guests are treated with priority and importance.


Corky's is ready to provide fun filled Halloween catering in Chicago and our reputation for excellent food and service stands for itself. We've been in business for over 35 years.


To schedule your Halloween catered, browse our downloadable menus & then call us at (630) 396-3030.