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Networking events are essential for creating opportunities to meet others in your industry and gain valuable insight into the field from other perspectives. Planning for so many guests from such a wide background can be stressful and overwhelming. Corky’s Catering is just the solution you’ve been looking for. Our event coordinators will help facilitate your networking event to be an outstanding asset for everyone who attends. With world-class food and service, Corky’s is a great choice for making a lasting impression with your upcoming networking event in Chicagoland.

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Networking at Corporate Events is Crucial and Corky’s Catering Company is Here To Serve Delicious Food

Why is networking essential?

Networking is vital to your business and essential for personal growth for your team. However, the idea of networking itself scares most people. That is because they associate it with awkwardness and the idea of ‘selling’ yourself.

Networking is not all about selling yourself to strangers; it is about building long-term relationships. It involves meeting and getting to know people. It also entails growing a good reputation over time. Networking helps you meet people who help you grow and people you can help in return.

Our catering services are here at corporate events with delicious food to help make the event much more seamless. If you are looking for help with your corporate event in Addison, IL, and want to present an amazing experience, reach out to our catering company today.

We are pleased to be there as you have smaller-scale carnival games, dance floors, or other aspects at your next event. We will invest in all the food and help you with your corporate catering options in Addison, IL, and the surrounding area.

The Importance of networking in the Chicagoland Area

We are proud to be present at networking events in Addison, IL because it helps to bring people together and spark connections. Our company carries the delicious food in the Fullerton Ave or North Ave areas and will make sure that we help with planning this occasion.

We know that networking strengthens business connections and fosters ideas in Addison.

Networking is about sharing, not taking. You must build trust and help one another toward goals. Regularly engaging with your contacts and finding opportunities to assist them helps to strengthen the relationship.

It helps to advance careers and companies

You need to be visible and noticed in most industries to build your career. Attend social events regularly to get familiar with important people. You can build your reputation from these events as knowledgeable, reliable, and supportive.

Get access to more opportunities

Expand your contacts to open doors to new opportunities for your company. Active networking helps to keep you at the top of people’s minds when opportunities arise.

Get fresh ideas

Your network can be an excellent source of the latest ideas to help you in your role. Exchanging information on challenges and goals is a crucial benefit of networking. It allows you to gain new insights that you may not have otherwise thought of.

Gain more knowledge

Networking is a terrific opportunity to exchange knowledge. It helps you stay informed on the latest developments. A vast network of informed contacts means access to current information.

If you are looking to foster ideas and grow your business, networking events can certainly play a critical role in this regard in the Chicagoland area. Find out how Corky’s catering can help you immerse your team in great experiences at your next networking event or party.

Conversations Flourish with Good Food

There is something about sitting down to eat with people that helps make conversations flourish. Dry and boring meals seem to create dry and boring conversations. Many times, the impression of the event can be overshadowed by food or service

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that brings the whole event down. Corky’s takes all the worry about your food options right off your shoulders. Our event coordinators help make everything about your event special. From quality food, outstanding service, and even helping arrange rentals and amusements to help break the ice, your event will stand out like never before with Corky’s helping you make the arrangements. Remove potential distractions and hassle from your networking event by working together with Corky’s to plan something truly special.

Full-Service Event Planning Options

Food is one of the most important considerations for your networking event. Corky’s has an almost endless amount of options for you to choose from to make your event a success. Choose from our budget-friendly menu to save money,

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go casual with sandwich boxes or trays, upgrade to premium food options and sides, or even go all out with a hot buffet. Choose from any of six buffet basics to start and customize as much as you want from there. Don’t forget about Corky’s delicious breakfast menu for hosting early morning networking events, as well.

Second to the food choices, having the proper venue is vital to making your event a success. Corky’s can help you find just the right location for your event, whether you are hosting dozens of guests or hundreds. We offer convenient pick-up of your order from our central location, delivery to the event seven days a week, or letting us do the setup for you to ensure a flawless presentation. You may even choose to let our dedicated wait staff or bartenders aid in your event for breath-taking service your guests will not soon forget.

Excellence You Can Depend On

For over 40 years, Corky’s Catering has helped Chicago events make lasting impressions. We are proud of the many testimonials we receive from satisfied clients’ year after year. We encourage you to download one of our menus today

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for a sample of the choices available to you. When you’re ready to order, send us an email through our contact form or call (630) 396-3030 to speak with one of our event coordinators. While other events come and go, make your upcoming Chicago networking event one people will still be talking about for months with Corky’s.

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Corky’s makes parties memorable! Take a look at our amazing selection of menus to choose from. No matter if you’re planning a company picnic or a simple lunch, we have menus for any occasion.

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Check out our coupon page for money saving deals for all your events. You’ll find seasonal savings on food, beverages and serviced events.

Douglas, Addison

... other than Thanksgiving dinners cooked by my mother and my wife, the food was the best.

– Douglas, Addison

Kim, Evergreen Park

We compared other companies and you offered the most for the best price. I love that the salads and tableware are included in the packages.

– Kim, Evergreen Park

Robby & Edith, Chicago

Best food in town!

– Robby & Edith, Chicago

Joy, Arlington Heights

(Our server), on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 12.

– Joy, Arlington Heights

Fred, Chicago

We find that catering is the only way to survive a party. I must say by far your food is the best...

– Fred, Chicago

Marcie, Hillside

I was thrilled with the food. The compliments are pouring in and I enjoyed myself!

– Marcie, Hillside

Nadine, Addison

Believe me when I say (our server), is a jewel!

– Nadine, Addison

Mary, Bensenville

Your staff did an excellent job with the food, bingo and children’s games!

– Mary, Bensenville

Bob, Chicago

It was an easy party, I had time to enjoy myself.

– Bob, Chicago

Maureen, Waukegan

Improve? ... you already do it all. Oh, maybe you can come clean our house before the party! Just kidding!

– Maureen, Waukegan

Lois, Oaklawn

You made it so easy! Your customer service is great and the food is yummy!

– Lois, Oaklawn

Peter, Chicago

The good food made the evening a success – thank you.

– Peter, Chicago

Jill, Wheeling

Why cook? Corky’s did it all!

– Jill, Wheeling

Connie, Addison

I heard nothing but raves and compliments on the food and our servers.

– Connie, Addison


The Driver Was On Time, Friendly And Helpful. It Was Great That He Explained All The Food, So We Wouldn’t Have Any Problems. Everything Was Hot And Delicious. We Had Enough To Serve The Additional Team Members That Attended. Corky’s Helped Make Our Team Meeting A Huge Success.

– Susan