Picnic Catering

Arranging a picnic for corporate events, birthdays, family reunions, or other celebrations can be a great way to enjoy good food with great company outdoors. Preparing and transporting food and cooking it at your location can be a major hassle. Corky’s Catering offers a full range of top-quality picnic catering services to bring delicious food to campgrounds, backyards, and other outdoor venues all over the Chicago area.

Every year, we cater thousands of picnic events from small backyard parties to full-scale themed corporate events with onsite grilling. Corky’s Catering customers know they can rely on us for delicious food, fair pricing, and the highest quality picnic catering services available throughout Chicagoland.

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Why We Love Event Planning and Providing All the Food For Your Company Picnic

We appreciate event planning for our clients in the Villa Park area, Elk Grove Village, Fullerton Ave, or other sites. So whether you are trying to do a holiday party or a slew of holiday parties, Corky’s Catering is there for you.

We understand that outdoor events related to your office party can make a big difference and can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want us to be. If you seek more assistance with catering services and more, feel free to work with Cork Catering. Our tasty catering services will be there for you when you need us for your pig roast in Oak Park, Wood Dale, or other areas.

Whether you are trying to do a special event in Arlington Heights, Bedford Park, or the general Chicagoland area, we are here to help.

We understand that these events can have a wide variety of benefits and are pleased to help at your company picnics.

The benefits of the company picnic or general picnic

For many people, a picnic is a perfect getaway from the daily hustle and bustle of life. However, the picnic is more than just an escape from the daily grind. There are lots of benefits from going on a picnic. Here are some that are worth considering.


Picnics allow individuals to relax and create moments with each other. It doesn’t matter if it is a family picnic, staff picnic, or organized by a religious group.

Picnics create a calm and friendly environment where people can put their guard down and express themselves. It is an opportunity to learn more about others and make connections. Throw in fun games, and you can have cheerful moments that will endure for a lifetime.

Boost your mental health

The everyday routine can take its toll on everyone. Employees might rarely have time to exchange pleasantries when working to meet deadlines. Parents might not have time for their children due to the demands of their jobs.

Religious and social societies can feel like a daily routine of ritual. These things can make people feel less human, stressed, and disconnected. A picnic frees the mind from stress, anxiety, and disconnect. Time spent together in the sunshine can dramatically improve mental health and reduce stress levels.


Improves physical health

Time spent in the sunshine also improves physical health. Sunshine provides vitamin D, aids calcium absorption, and improves our mood. Calcium helps to build strong teeth and bones and prevents rickets and osteoporosis.

While fresh air is a welcome break from the smoke and dust found in the cities, physical activity such as running and games can positively impact the heart and cardiovascular system. If you spend an extended period in the sum, don’t forget to use sunblock.

Learn and exchange ideas

Picnics are great opportunities to learn new ideas and possibly form new habits. For family picnics, it is an opportunity for parents to observe and train their children in eating habits and how they relate with other children.

For people new to an environment, it is an opportunity to pick up the language and learn different behaviors. In a corporate environment, you can learn more about your coworkers and enhance your quality of life.

Bask in nature

With the demands of everyday life, it is easy to forget about nature. A picnic allows you to enjoy the natural elements around us.

Whether the picnic is held at a beach, garden, or mountaintop, there is always something to enjoy being in nature. This could be peace of mind, medication, or a fascination with the wonderful things of nature.

Plan or attend a picnic as soon as your schedule allows. The benefits of a picnic await you.


Themed Picnic Events with Corky’s Catering

We know how fun it can be to host a themed picnic for friends, relatives, or coworkers. We offer much more than just a diverse menu of expertly prepared foods; we also offer themed menus for more customized catered picnic experiences. A few of our themed picnic options include:

  • Hawaiian Luaus. Enjoy great picnic fare with a Hawaiian twist.
  • Pig Roasts. A pig roast is one of the most timeless picnicking options available, and we can provide an expertly roasted whole pig with all the fixings.
  • Mexican Fiestas. Your picnic guests may enjoy tacos, grilled fajitas, tamales and a large assortment of traditional Mexican dishes.
  • Down Home BBQ. Nothing beats expertly prepared BBQ outdoors, and we have a full range of BBQ menu options for you to choose.
  • Country Hoedowns. Looking for a slice of rural Americana with your next picnic event? Our Country Hoedown option offers great dishes with a dash of country flair.
  • New England Lobster Boils. For crowds of seafood lovers, nothing beats the unmistakable flavors of a true New England lobster boil.
  • Louisiana Craw Daddy Boils. If you prefer a southern approach to shellfish for your next picnic, the Louisiana Craw Daddy Boil option is the perfect picnic catering choice.

These aren’t our only offerings. Whether you want a blend of different catered foods or have specific dietary considerations for your picnic guests, we have you covered. Our team has the experience to provide any type of catered picnic experience you can imagine.

Three Levels of Picnic Catering Service

Corky’s Catering provides delicious catered foods at unbeatable value, so we want to help you stretch your catering dollars as much as possible. Our three levels of picnic services include:

  1. Pick up service. Stop by our kitchen to pick up your picnic catering order yourself and take it to your picnicking site for affordable convenience.
  2. Delivery service. If you have a large party or simply can’t pick up your picnic catering order yourself, our delivery service is at your beck and call. We can bring the picnic right where you need it.
  3. Full service. Are you planning a large outdoor event with lots of attendees, or are you simply looking for something more than the typical catered picnic experience? Our full-service picnic catering includes the same delicious food, professionalism, and extra amenities you expect from Corky’s Catering.

Whether you’re excited to try out Famous BBQ Fried Chicken, classic Wisconsin Bratwurst cooked in beer and onions, traditional Chicago style hot dogs and burgers grilled to perfection, or rib tips slathered with our own BBQ sauce, we can make your next picnic special and easy. For an unforgettable catered picnic experience, contact Corky’s Catering today at (630) 396-3030 or complete our contact form now.

Chicagoland Corporate Picnic

Corporate Picnic Catering

Corporate Picnics are a great way to boost morale and say thanks to your employees. Usually planned in the warmer months, Chicago has so much to offer, from roof top decks to the amazing parks of the CPD,

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to the endless nature preserves that dot the entire Chicagoland area. Not only can Corky’s help you find the perfect location for your corporate picnic, we can help with everything in between. From hot off the grill food, table and tent rentals to games and entertainment, our picnic coordinators are the best at matching your needs and budget. We can provide on-site grilling for the true picnic feeling. If you’re looking to keep it simple, Corky’s offers a wide variety of delivered food options for your corporate event. Either way, we make it easy to show how much your employees mean to your company.

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Chicagoland Drop Off Catering

Drop Off Catering

Corky’s Catering was started in 1978 as an affordable delivery catering solution to the greater Chicago Area. Today we still have that same mission. From our Famous Fried Chicken and Italian beef to our delicious burgers, hot dogs, and brisket, you can’t go wrong.

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We deliver north to the Wisconsin border, south to the Indiana border and west to the Fox River Valley. Delivery services are offered 24 hours a day. Our special packaging is designed to keep your food hot and ready to serve for up to 4 hours. Easy to use and affordably priced, Corky’s is the go to solution for all your delivery catering needs. One call and you can be a guest at your next event!

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Chicagoland Grill Service Catering

Grill Service Catering

The smell of the grill is unmistakable and this is where we shine. Corky’s can provide a small backyard summer birthday of 50, a company picnic of 300, or a summer festival event for thousands.

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Our summer favorites include our famous BBQ fried chicken, jumbo hot dogs, Wisconsin beer brats, juicy burgers, and roasted corn in the husk. Don’t try to do all the work yourself, enjoy the day and let the pros do their job. Be a guest at your next picnic and relax.

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Chicagoland Hawaiian Luau Catering

Hawaiian Luau Catering

Take your next back yard birthday or corporate event to another level and let Corky’s provide you with amazing Hawaiian Luau Catering. Try our Hawaiian pulled pork, pineapple chicken kabobs, luscious tropical fruit trays or maybe a full pig roast is what you’re looking for.

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Rentals, Tiki bars, frozen drink machines, decorations, games, and hot off the grill food is what you can look forward to. Need entertainment? From fire eaters, hula dancers to Don Ho impersonators, we can help with that. What about a location? From the amazing locations at the Chicago park district to the beautiful spaces at Busse Woods, let us do all the work and leave the Hawaiian Luau Catering to the pros.

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Chicagoland Pig Roast Catering

Pig Roast Catering

Corky’s Catering has the authentic pig roast catering experience you have been looking for. Our services are second to none when it comes to the different types of pig roast requests we cater each year.

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Pig roast catering works well with corporate events, family reunions, graduations, Hawaiian themed parties, weddings and home parties. These popular events and our amazing pig roast menu are just some of the reasons why customers come back for our pig roast catering year after year.

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Douglas, Addison

... other than Thanksgiving dinners cooked by my mother and my wife, the food was the best.

– Douglas, Addison

Kim, Evergreen Park

We compared other companies and you offered the most for the best price. I love that the salads and tableware are included in the packages.

– Kim, Evergreen Park

Robby & Edith, Chicago

Best food in town!

– Robby & Edith, Chicago

Joy, Arlington Heights

(Our server), on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 12.

– Joy, Arlington Heights

Fred, Chicago

We find that catering is the only way to survive a party. I must say by far your food is the best...

– Fred, Chicago

Marcie, Hillside

I was thrilled with the food. The compliments are pouring in and I enjoyed myself!

– Marcie, Hillside

Nadine, Addison

Believe me when I say (our server), is a jewel!

– Nadine, Addison

Mary, Bensenville

Your staff did an excellent job with the food, bingo and children’s games!

– Mary, Bensenville

Bob, Chicago

It was an easy party, I had time to enjoy myself.

– Bob, Chicago

Maureen, Waukegan

Improve? ... you already do it all. Oh, maybe you can come clean our house before the party! Just kidding!

– Maureen, Waukegan

Lois, Oaklawn

You made it so easy! Your customer service is great and the food is yummy!

– Lois, Oaklawn

Peter, Chicago

The good food made the evening a success – thank you.

– Peter, Chicago

Jill, Wheeling

Why cook? Corky’s did it all!

– Jill, Wheeling

Connie, Addison

I heard nothing but raves and compliments on the food and our servers.

– Connie, Addison


The Driver Was On Time, Friendly And Helpful. It Was Great That He Explained All The Food, So We Wouldn’t Have Any Problems. Everything Was Hot And Delicious. We Had Enough To Serve The Additional Team Members That Attended. Corky’s Helped Make Our Team Meeting A Huge Success.

– Susan

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